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Day 1 - November 18

All of these shots were taken over a period of two to three hours on November 18 late in the afternoon with the X-E2 at my favorite auto graveyard near Denton, Texas. Weather was
cloudy with a bit of sun every now and then. Most were taken with the 18-55, a few with the 35m. Post processed in Lightroom. These were quick edits. This was my first time out with the camera. No glitches, no lockups.

All photos are JPG as Lightroom does not recognize the X-E2 RAF files as being legit RAW files... that should change before long. Guess I'll have to load Silky Pix.

Do I prefer the X-E2 to my X-Pro 1? Absolutely!     Jim Radcliffe


Day 2 - November 19

I decided to make a quick run to downtown Dallas to try out the Fuji X-E2 on buildings and whatever else I might find interesting to photograph. This time the sun was out but I was in the canyons of the city with light reflecting off
of glass faced buildings and other structures. Once again, no issues during the use of the X-E2. All of the day two shots were with the 18-55mm lens. It is the lens I keep mounted on the X-E2 most of the time strictly because of its versatility.

The detail of the images at full size is quite amazing and the colors are very much to my liking. I use aperture priority and adjust the aperture and shutter speed to get what I like in the EVF, something I really could not do very well
with the X-Pro 1.    I hate to sound like a FanBoy but I am truly loving this camera.

Day 3 - November 20

Took a late afternoon lunch break and spent some time in a Western Furniture & Decor store in Fort Worth, Texas. Lots of beautiful items as well as old saddles and pottery.
These were all taken with the Fuji X-E2 and the 18-55mm. I really love the colors of the items in this store. The X-E2 is proving to be much more versatile due to the new features such as the EVF displaying exactly what you will capture.
That make getting exposure just right a snap... no pun intended.