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  Black & White Work - by Jim Radcliffe  

Black & White Only - The Camera Doesn't Matter

Like many people born before digital I began taking photos using a rangefinder and black and white film. No, not a Leica but an Argus C3 purchased in a pawn shop in Danville, VA for $20.00. A lot of money for me at the time. Tri-X was my film and I spent a lot of time in the darkroom developing film and prints.. glad those days are over. Glad to have had the "Film Experience" but I am done with film. Digital is the present and the future as far as I am concerned.

I love Black & White photography and I must confess that I don't do enough of it. I decided to begin a BW only section on Boxed Light just for those images that I feel beg to be rendered in shades of gray and light and shadow.

The camera used is not important and most of the time the gear that I used will not be mentioned. This section of Boxed Light is for the image, not the camera. Remember, when most people look at photography they just look at the photograph and appreciate it for what it is. A frozen moment of time. 99% of people who view photography don't give a damn about what brand of camera or lens was used to create it.

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A Note About The Images
I post process all images in Photoshop CS5.  I tweak contrast and saturation.  I dodge and burn.  I adjust curves and more. I use The Digital Darkroom. I do not use Lightroom or Aperture. I have found both to be too limiting. Please don't ask in what way, it's a "Me" thing.

More to come... Thanks for looking!